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Sussex, London and the South East

Your wedding is unique.  Not only is it the joining of two individuals in a commitment for a life, but also families too, in a celebration joined by close friends and extended family, often many of whom will have travelled long distance, nationally and internationally.  Wedding celebrations demand a lot of attention to detail and it happens once only.


Let’s get it right first time.


It makes sense to prepare a DJ set tailored to the tastes of you and your guests.  Not a predefined playlist of what and exactly when to play but Must Play list of your core top tunes.  Timeless tunes that will connect with emotional periods in your life, time that was spent with key people close to you.  I guarantee it will get your dance floor rocking.  Once the core tunes are identified, let me use my experience and broad knowledge of music to develop a set around what you and your guests love.


I encourage you to spend time identifying the timeless tunes that mean the most to you.  Involve your guests.  Inclusive events are more exciting events.  Equally, list those tunes/styles you would not want to hear!

Party DJ Sussex

"Your professionalism and understanding of musical taste are second to none; I've already started making a playlist of the music and just love your style and range of songs, it's given us loads of new material to timelessly enjoy."

Adele and Sunny, Charlton House

A wedding celebration generally has more transitions than a birthday party.  There’s more to consider.  I am experienced and expert with the handling of announcements and maintaining the energy of an event.  As a Wedding DJ I look to eradicate any abrupt stops and restarts as these can deflate the mood very quickly.  That means working closely with staff at the venue, any toastmasters, speakers etc.  Let me take the load off you.


The celebration whilst at the back end of your big day is the last experience that you and your guests will take away; let's make it one to remember ............ for all the right reasons.


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