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Birthday DJ
Sussex, London and the South East

This is a special day to celebrate the BIRTHDAY of someone very important.  It happens only once, so let’s give it the attention it deserves.  Let’s give some critical thinking to how we will get the party started.  Sounds all so obvious doesn’t it?  But this simple key stage is often overlooked.   It is fundamental to the success of your event.  When we don’t have a defined start time people tend to drift in.  Therefore, the start can lack intensity.  Ideally your event needs everyone there early.  Get the event started well and then, with good planning, all should flow smoothly towards a fantastic celebration.

Hi Jules. Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on Saturday night You made the evening very special, everything was perfect. Thank you. Members of the family were commenting on how good and how very professional you were....they loved the music. You are truly the best DJ we have used; you will be highly recommended. I am so very grateful.
Thank you once again.

Love Emma

We should think about, and discuss, 


  • Your timeless top tunes

  • Start time

  • Layout of the facility, including the DJ position

  • Lighting

  • Food serving times (beginning and end)

  • An official welcome for your guests…….let the party commence!

  • Any other entertainers

  • Possibly a theme

It goes without saying that we must know about your timeless top tunes.  These are the tunes around which we shall create maximum emotion and dance floor energy.  Spend time doing this and involve your guests.  Inclusive events are better events.  Please let me know how they relate to you and your guests, and then with an associated shout out/announcement this will surely take the dance floor energy to another level.  Remember to also mention those tunes/style you do not want to hear!


Start Time

Choose a time

End Time

Choose a time

Thanks for submitting!

DJ Jules
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