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Anniversary Party DJ Sussex and South East

Anniversary Party DJ
Sussex, London and the South East

Anniversary parties are a celebration of a life travelled together.  A celebration of commitment through good, and challenging, times.  If we think carefully of the years and events preceding this anniversary celebration, we can add a lot of thoughtful content to really elevate this extraordinary and distinguished occasion.

Top of the list, and essential for any great celebration, are a detailed list of timeless top tunes.  Let’s identify timeless tunes linked to marriage, favourites of children, holiday songs, grandparents favourites, university friends etc etc.  Once we do this the event becomes more meaningful and intense; especially when accompanied by a shout out to let guests know of their relevance – I would be delighted to do this for you.  The party will surely not only make our guests feel included, as they are sharing the journey, but also raise the emotion and excitement of the party.  With silver and golden anniversary celebrations we must not forget to mention and celebrate the lives of those we love but who are no longer with us.

Thank you Jules, we were amazed at how great the venue looked. Loved the led floor. Everyone has commented on what a great night they had. Sharon is suffering from blister through dancing so much! You did an excellent job, especially as you had so many requests for different styles of music. Well done.

Hi Jules, I wanted to mail you today to say a massive thank you for a job very well done! You did have a massive challenge on your hands, given the age range of guests and thanks to you, everyone had an excellent time and so many guests commented on how great you were. You've been great to work with, we would book you again and recommend you any time. We had the most wonderful day and partied hard so many thanks to you for helping make the date the great success it was.

Of course, there will also be the usual party necessities to plan: food, slideshows, venue layout, timings etc and with all of these I would be delighted to offer my experience and expertise.  


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